Memorial Day

My friends & I spent our day off on one of my new fav hikes. We went to the famous Tamolitch blue pool & it was even more magical than the many seen posts. I personally am not a terrific hiker & def get grouchy if it’s too long or difficult; this was a very easy hike mostly flat, two miles there & two back, & ends at the highest point above the pool. The water is EXTREMELY cold so I don’t recommend going in. It was about an hour & twenty minutes outside of Eugene. I will be going back very soon.

How is it SO blue?!


Reasons why I came to UO

My high school was a big public school with a top football team. I applied to many universities but when I visited University of Oregon I had a movie-like moment that made me fall in love. (Bible, I am in no way exaggerating). I visited over March ’13 & came a day before my parents & stayed with my older sister’s friend. Naturally it was pouring outside & of course I was hopelessly lost somewhere on campus. All of a sudden the rain stopped & the sun was peaking out. At the same time I came across the marching band & they were playing Come on Eileen , oh I swear what he means. At this moment you mean everything. One of the most liked songs ever. That’s when I fell in love. Currently I am in my third year at UO & couldn’t be more happy. I am a journalism major with a focus on advertising. I love exploring to different waterfalls & hot springs & rivers that are all less than two hours outside of Eugene. The Willamette river is just before Autzen Stadium, is about a 15 minute walk from my house. I miss California of course & I know I will be living there after graduation. I believe everyone should live in a different state at least once in their life. Oregon has & always will have a special place in my heart.

& yes that is my yellow mini cooper.

OR 6
Silver Falls (Silverton, OR)
OR 7
Alder St./ 17th ave (Eugene, OR)
OR 5
Terwilliger Hot Springs
OR 4
Autzen, UO
OR 1
Willamette River (Eugene, OR)
OR 3
OR 2
Proxy Falls (Mckenzie River, Cascades)



When in doubt, wear black

The moments when I’m actually receiving an income…about 96% of my paychecks go towards my love for clothes. I like someone to be able to get a sense of the type of lady I am by my outfit. I don’t like sticking to one categoric style…I like switching it up. I think every person looks better in black. Not a goth thing just a fact. Black apparel flatters all figures. I LOVE velvet, silk, suede, leather, soft denim (my Calvins jeans are the softest things in the world). My fav brands: Unif, Topshop, shoptunnelvision, Valfre, O-Mighty, Shop Demure, ShopJeen, Frankie Collective, Nasty Gal (could keep going). I have to be in a right mood for thrift stores or trading posts, I love them so much it just takes patience. The Melrose trading post & Rosebowl trading post in Southern California every sunday are where I’ve found some of my favorite things. When I’m crazy broke I sell my old clothes at Buffalo Exchange although I normally will take the store credit rather than cash. I shop basics from American Apparel & Brandy Melville but try to stray from cause I don’t like twinning when I go out. These are some of my fav outfits I’ve worn in the past six months:

American Apparel leotard/ Calvin Klein jeans 
Jacket from Goodwill Boutique in Portland, Oregon
$10 mobs wife faux fur (garage sale) Thousand Oaks, Ca
Unif ‘So Called Boot’/ dress-Tobi
shirt- American Vintage store (Van nuys, Ca)
Unif black tank, white Nike air force ones


Phone case- Valfre, turtle neck-Nasty Gal, Adidas sweatpants




flower power

I always get consumed with the desire to be in a field of flowers. On my bad days, my mind takes me here & I feel lighter. I am truly blessed to get to live in two beautiful states, California & Oregon.  It is impossible to NOT feel good sitting in the middle of a meadow of flowers. I grew up in Southern California (where my fam is currently) & I am a happy student at University of Oregon.  Botanical gardens, national parks, nature reserves, a random field off the highway, etc. the flower options are endless! Just a quick google of your locals & then get your flower power on:)

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
Hendrix Park; Eugene, Oregon